How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome

How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome

Dealing with imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur can be crippling. I’ve experienced this myself (still working on it). There’s a few ways I’ve found that really help with this. In this video: Some methods to deal with imposter syndrome Principles to help you stay focused and keep progressing How your family background can affect your […]

Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

How to set goals as an entrepreneur

Like anything, setting goals is different for everyone. But, when an entrepreneur sets goals and knows that it’s 100% their responsibility to achieve those goals in a world of infinite opportunity, the feeling is very unique. I’ve struggled with setting goals in my life, but as I get older I find that it’s all about […]

What Does Success Mean to Entrepreneurs?

What does success mean to entrepreneurs

Success is different for every single person on this Earth. Yet many forces in life want to standardize success for everyone and, frankly, brainwash people. Thankfully entrepreneurs are the least likely to get brainwashed in general, but with all the sacrifice and hard work – what should success look like? Is it monetary? Is it […]

How to Overcome Fear of Failure (For Entrepreneurs)

Overcoming Fear of Failure for Entrepreneurs

Fear of failure is something we all feel at some point as entrepreneurs. Some of us feel it when our product or service is ready to go to market and we need to start selling. Some of us feel it when our product or service is doing well but we need to start marketing or […]